MICE 2018, see you there.

MICE 2018, see you there.

Melbourne International Coffee Expo - MICE is dedicated to the advancement of the coffee industry in Australia, and maintains its reputation as an advanced center for everything related to coffee.

Visitors interested in the industry, may get involved with the farmers, as well as check out new products available. For those whose love of coffee knows no limits, the Expo allows you to try unlimited tastings of the best coffee in the world. Do this as you watch the famous Melbourne baristas work their magic.

Once again, we will be there with our award-winning specialty coffees; São Silvestre and Capim Branco, in partnership with Minas Hill, a partner retailer located in Australia, which we are always proud to work together. 

Get together with us at Mice 2018 and taste some of the greatest specialty coffees of Brazil. Capim Branco & São Silvestre, single origin coffees appreciated worldwide. 

We’ll be with our australian partner MinasHill during the event also at booth number 120.

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