The differences between Natural coffee and the Pulped Natural

The differences between Natural coffee and the Pulped Natural

If you are asked what your preference is: natural coffee or pulped natural coffee, do you know the difference between them before answering?

Natural coffee and pulped natural are methods of preparing coffee for drying.

The Natural is when the fruit is picked ripe, preferably, and placed to dry with the skin. It is a process used worldwide and the oldest. With the skin, drying is slower, taking an average of 12 days in the patios.

The Pulped Natural process allows faster drying. Without the skin, the seed dehydration is faster, taking an average of 7 days to dry in the patios.

When comparing the beverages, provided they are from the same original batch, it is possible to notice that the one originated from a pulped fruit has a softer acidity and a more accentuated body, while natural coffee is normally more fruity and has a higher acidity. The important thing is that the fruits are picked ripe to produce excellent drinks.

Andrade Bros uses both methods and both have offered our partners an unforgettable sensory experience.

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